(JP 204-208)

Slokha :

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Translation: This Aghora asana should be practiced in the manner of Misraka asana. Take all of the fingers away from the mouth and make a hollow like mouth. Turn the tongue and place it on the palate. Put right hand on the face and place the thumb towards the right nostril. Then inhale through the right nostril and after kumbhaka exhale through the left nostril. Then inhale though the right nostril and after kumbhaka, exhale through the left nostril. While inhaling again, inhale through the left and proceed in reverse order.


  • Opens  the  hips, groin and low back
  • Lengthens the spine
  • Strengthens abdominals and back
  • Creates stillness and tranquility
  • Beneficial in times of stress, depression and anxiety
  • Having the soles of the feet together has a grounding effect and keeps  the focus inwards
  • Induces moola bandha which tones the reproductive organs and helps relieve menstrual symptoms
  • Stimulates the heart chakra
  • With Pranayama, it purifies body, brings lustre and awakens Kundalini

Modification: Use a cushion to lift hips with tight knees or groin.