History of Nithya Yoga

Nithya Yoga is the system that was taught directly to Paramahamsa Nithyananda by a great yogi from his birth town, Tiruvannamalai in South India. Yogiraj Yogananda Puri (lovingly known as Raghupati Yogi), was the teacher responsible for preparing Nithyananda’s body and mind for enlightenment through the Nithya Yoga system. Nithyananda was under Raghupati Yogi’s care and guidance from the age of three to thirteen.

It was only after enlightenment that Nithyananda understood that he had received his training and initiation into the Science of Yoga and other spiritual matters from a yogi who had experienced the consciousness of Patanjali, the great sage who is considered the Father of Yoga, who compiled the Yoga Sutra.

In the introduction of his first Yoga Spurana Program in Vancouver, BC Canada during the YOGAM Tour 2009, Nithyananda shared:

‘I feel I have too much to talk about, too much to share, because I myself am a yogi. From a very young age, the first path I started travelling was the path of yoga. Now, everything I do, the shadow, smell and presence of yoga is always there’.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda was taught Nithya Yoga by Raghupati Yogi in the sacred prescints of Arunachaleshwara Temple itself. He was taught daily in a small stone pillared hall known as kritika mandapam.

The hall is filled with approximately 21 stone pillars. Nithyananda was taught one of the deepest truths of Patanjali by Raghupati Yogi in relation to these pillars. Apart from making him do very traditional yogic practices like asana, pranayama, dhyana, mudra , Raghupati Yogi used to ask the young Nithyananda to go into deep meditation, set an intention and climb the pillars. Nithyananda recalls, ‘He used to make me climb up and down using only one hand. He used to tie the other hand behind my back! I never understood why Raghupati Yogi made me do such a practice; I did not think it had anything to do with yoga. But it was here that Raghupati Yogi taught me the deepest truths of yoga’.

Raghupati Yogi delievered one of the core teachings of Patanjali to Nithyananda and that was, ‘The mind creates the body’. He would say, ‘With whatever intention you make your body active, that intention, that experience gets deeply recorded into your muscle memory’. Therefore by putting me in deep silence and then moving my body intensely to climb the pillars, the experience of that silence was inserted into my muscle memory and there after, that silence started radiating through my body.

What is eN-Fitness?

FitnessSM is a unique approach to integral fitness, combining modern bodybuilding science with traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and brand new insights in the truths of yoga and kundalini awakening.
This fitness program is designed to sculpt your body consciously, awakening the tremendous potential energy in every human being, what yoga refers to as kundalini shakti.

The effects of kundalini awakening are measurable, including the massive increase in mitochondria energy production, the powerhouse in every cell of the body. The increase in mitochondria energy leads to amazing health recoveries, and is a key to anti-aging.

The new yogic body is capable of sustaining, expressing and radiating higher energy levels and higher frequencies of consciousness, which has a direct practical application in one’s life, improving health, attracting wealth, the right relationships, and providing a clear enlightened understanding of the body-mind and spirit.

eN-Fitness has been carefully designed with minute detailed research down to the cell level. So every motion, every action of the different parts of the body has been researched thoroughly. Which actions, gym exercises directly contribute to the kundalini awakening, cellular energy increase, has been individually studied by Paramahamsa Nithyananda personally on himself as well as the hundreds of program participants who hail from various countries worldwide. eN-Fitness thus clearly outlines which gym exercises, which of the thousands of asanas give the maximum and quick benefit to the practitioner.

Every cell of the body has a powerhouse of energy called mitochondria. It is directly related to the body’s health and aging process. If the mitochondria energy production is increased, it leads to significant physiological and psychological transformation, including anti-aging, healing, permanent cure for depression, expand creative power, increased productivity, awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain, and ultimate Inner Awakening.

eN-FitnessSM- updates the age-old tradition of Yoga with a modern approach. Developed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a Supreme Yogi with a deep understanding about the reality of our lifestyles today, eN-FitnessSM is the ideal physical practice for enlightened living.

Whether you are young or senior, eN-FitnessSM can rejuvenate your whole body, mind and being and allow y

ou to experience health, higher energy levels, and the deep fulfillment of inner peace and joy.

eN-Fitness : http://www.nithyananda.org/program/en-fitness

Sculpting Enlightened Bodies

You are about to experience the most astonishing and holistic fitness program in the world! eN-FitnessSM is a unique approach to integral fitness, combining modern weight-training with traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and the eternal truths of yoga. This fitness program is designed to prepare you for the Inner Awakening, to prepare your body to experience and radiate your innermost potential energy, your inner bliss, Nithyananda. In today’s world, our minds are extremely agitated, and strongly impacted by the stressful environment. Our sedentary bodies are used to diets containing unnecessary fats, sugars, chemical substances and hormones. Modern human beings have evolved into a completely new species, with obesity, diabetes, heart diseases becoming prevalent in the general population. Rishis, Masters, and enlightened beings throughout the ages have all tapped into an unlimited reservoir of energy through time-tested techniques of meditation, yoga, kriyas, mantras, worship, prayers and so on. These enlightened beings have designed thousands of ways to connect consciously with the higher energies of the Cosmos. Again and again, enlightened souls happen on the planet to revive and update the science of enlightenment. eN-FitnessSM is a body-based spiritual practice specially designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to meet the needs of today’s society. With eN-FitnessSM, you will reclaim your yogic body, focus the mind on higher achievements, and establish your inner space in a deep fulfillment and bliss!

The Science of eN-Fitness

Prana, which is the life force behind movement, can also be described as the binding force of the universe. It is said that all birth and death in the universe are a result of prana. Our very life is the expression of this energy. Our bodies not only consist of flesh, blood and bones, but also subtle energy centers and channels, chakras and nadis. These make up our energy bodies. Science has shown the presence of energy bodies, which form auras that can be detected by Kirlean photography. When the chakras and nadis are open and flowing, we feel good, joyful, fulfilled, blissful! This is what you can learn in our LBP level 11. But to further expand this blissful feeling, the body needs to be prepared. This is where eN-FitnessSM comes in.

What is NithyaKriya?

NithyaKriyas are a series of yogic healing processes revealed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda (www.nithyananda.org/nithya-kriyas). They are unique in that, while the knowledge and techniques are drawn from the most authentic, and sacred yogic scriptures of India, the specific combinations are expressed from the personal experiences of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, from his personal research and development, with the aim of curing and providing preventive care for various physical and mental ailments.  He had trained under powerful yogis and mystics right from childhood, and has been a practitioner of the mystical yogic sciences that have practically disappeared from modern yoga texts.

These NithyaKriyas preserve and deliver the original yogic practices which are born out of millennia of research and development, the contribution of innumerable enlightened yogis who have dedicated  their lives to enriching the world with this science. According to the teaching methods laid out by legendary yogis like Gorakhnatha and Matsyendranatha, the individual asanas and pranayama techniques are sacred and must not be tampered with, and the combinations of techniques required to produce the desired effect are to be received by the learner from his own personal guru (Hatha Yoga Pradipika). True to Vedic culture, these fathers of modern yoga have left the door wide open for the continuous updating of this ancient science.
Most popular NithyaKriyas

– Cure for obesity
– Cure for addictions
– Cure for anxiety
– Cure for aging
– Cure for depression
– Cure for diabetes
– Cure for anger
– Cure for migraines
– Cure for skin problems
– Cure for rapid recovery from illness

List of all Kriyas : http://www.nithyananda.org/nithya-kriyas

What is Yoga?

The word yoga, as commonly understood in the West, refers to the practice of asanas or postures. This asana practice known as Hatha Yoga, is the basis from which other schools of yoga developed.  More on Hatha Yoga is described in the section below.

Yoga means different things to different people.  Perhaps, you are overweight and practice yoga as a form of exercise to have a beautiful physique, or you have an ailment, and look to yoga practice for healing, or you suffer from stress and anxiety, and yoga is your tool to induce mental calmness and peace of mind. You may have unsatisfactory relationships at home and work and look to yoga to improve the quality and depth of your relationships.  Or, you may look to yoga to help you find the meaning of your existence.  Yoga can help in all these areas as  yoga benefits the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components in us.

However, the ultimate goal of yoga is to prepare the body and mind for experiencing the higher states of awareness and consciousness, to open our eyes to new possibilities and new ways of thinking and living.  Good health, wealth, peace of mind, contentment and clarity of mind are all the side effects of the regular practice of yoga. It help man find maximal happiness and fulfillment in life, no matter what their  religious or belief system may be. The emphasis will be on your personal effort and practice as that will develop your sensitivity and awareness to both your internal and external surroundings.

Yoga is an ancient science, a most valuable inheritance, and essential in today’s society.  It is a science to prepare and train the body and mind to experience the awakening of the inner potential bioenergy – the Kundalini Shakti.  This Kundalini energy when awakened, will activate the non-mechanical parts of the brain and the deeper strands of DNA, allowing one to experience extraordinary energy, clarity, calmness, creativity, and ultimately, the experience of Completion, Enlightenment, Samadhi, or Nithyananda, eternal bliss. In the process, this energy awakens our dormant powers which will support and guide us to manifest our reality,  living creative and fulfilling lives.

The word yoga is also commonly defined as  “union”,  a union with the divine.  It has also been defined as “uniting”.  It is the uniting of the Shiva the conscioiusness at the sahasrara, with Shakti, the kundalini energy which ascends up the sushumna to the sahasrara.  When this ultimate union occurs,  yoga happens.