(JP 306-309)


Translation:  Place both the soles on the ground in such a way that the toes touch each other and the anus is placed upon the heels. Knees and thighs remain straight and at a distance of four fingers. Place both the hands on shoulders from upside and keep the fingers and palm together. Gaze should be nasal and maintain silence.


  • Traditional text  –  Jogapradipyaka  says one will gain the knowledge of all 3 kala or time…  past, present and future. One should recite a 6 letter mantra in this posture
  • Energizing posture
  • This builds the strength in the legs, feet, abdominals and back
  • Stretches and open the chest, upper back, shoulders, hamstrings and buttocks
  • Induces  spontaneously the 3 bandhas
  • Stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Increases the lung capacity
  • Brings relief to internal ulcer or boil
  • Relieves a humped back
  • Energy flows up the spine to the crown
  • Complete energy circuit