Swamiji Ananda GnadhaParamahamsa Nithyananda is the founder of the Nithya Yoga system. He was born on January 1st 1978 in Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India. From the young age of 3 up to 14 years, the young Nithyananda studied and practiced under the care of a great yogi, YogirajYoganandaPuri, also lovingly known as Raghupati Yogi. He was the teacher responsible for preparing the child’s body and mind for the experience of enlightenment through the time-tested yoga techniques and the experience of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

When he was around 12 years old, Nithyananda had a profound spiritual experience while sitting at the feet of the holy Arunachala Hill in Thiruvannamalai. After this experience, his longing to pursue the spiritual path greatly intensified. For years, he practiced intense meditation, wandered all over India as a sadhu during his spiritual wanderings, parivrajaka, and finally realized the state of enlightenment or inner bliss, nithyananda.

With a special love for the Temples and Sacred Arts, Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiated a global mission to revive the Great Vedic Tradition and share the inner science of enlightenment with the world. He established the headquarters of his international mission, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, near Bangalore, India.

It was only in mid-2005, in a small hut called the Laughing Temple, Paramahamsa Nithyananda suddenly revealed some of the deepest truths and secrets of yoga to a small group of devotees. This was the birth of Nithya Yoga, which has evolved till the present time and is still evolving as Nithyananda continues to reveal the truths in updated words.

Nithya Yoga is not a new yoga system. It is a rebirth of the oldest system which has its roots in the tradition of Patanjali, the Father of Yoga.