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Nithya Yoga is the system of yoga founded by enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. You may question, “Is Nithya Yoga just one more ‘new’ system of yoga surfacing in the ever booming market of yoga?” It is not. In all truth, Nithya Yoga is the most original and most ancient system of yoga. Nithya Yoga is bringing […]

Nithya Yoga

The Nithya Yoga practice is a beautifully structured sixty minute class that includes most traditional yogic practices including postures (asana), breath control techniques (pranayama), stylised hand gestures (mudras), relaxation, rejuvination (shivasana) and deep meditation (dhyana). A typical class comprises of nine guidelines that essentially help us experience the space of nithya yoga, eternal uniting, moment […]

Yoga Festivals and Events

Nithya Yoga has a presence at most major yoga festivals in countries where we have teachers. Our presence at these festivals provides the community a chance to gain more insight to our system and to have the chance to purchase our products which include books, DVD’s and some merchandise.

Stress Management

During this workshop you will be given the tools to empower yourself and enhance your energy. It is not just about managing your life efficiently – it is about celebrating your life. Efficiency, intelligence, productivity and creativity come as a natural side effect from enjoying a stress free life. This workshop includes; Langhana hatha yoga […]

Blissful Relationships Workshop

What is a relationship? A relationship is when you invest energy and time to know someone else and this could include a parent/child relationship, mother/son relationship or brother/sister relationship. When we think of the word ‘relationship’, the first thing that comes to mind is a man/woman relationship. The reason for this is because we direct […]

NithyaYoga for Kids

We have teachers who are trained to conduct classes in Nithya Yoga for Kids. ParamahamsaNithyananda says: ”Every child is a flower waiting to bloom and radiate its own unique beauty and fragrance. Children are born in the blissful state of yoga. Facilitating this natural expression is the sole purpose of Nithya Yoga. Children are encouraged […]

Nithya Yoga Weightloss Program

The Nithya Yoga for Wellness Workshop (Weight Management), teaches us through yoga and Vedic wisdom, how all can maintain a healthy weight. The reason why there is an increasing epidemic of weight control in the West is because we are taught to address the problem only through diet and exercise. Vedic culture on the other […]

Travel Study Tours

Our Nithya Yoga Travel Study Tour is called, ‘In the Footsteps of Patanjali’. This journey is not the usual tourist journey that everybody is familiar with. As much as it is about experiencing the richness of the culture, the customs, the traditions and people of South India, it is about experiencing the richness of the […]

Nithya Yoga Classes

The Nithya Yoga Practice, is a beautifully structured ninety minute class that includes most traditional yogic practices including asana (body postures), pranayama (breath control techniques), mudra (hand gestures) andsivasana (relaxtion). In total, we have ten different techniques that we practice in a Nithya Yoga class:   Click here for the detailed description of the Nithya Yoga Practice   Nithya Yoga classes are […]